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What We Offer

Functional Fitness


Boxing & Muay Thai


Our Pricing

Membership Option 1

Single - Adult or Student $47/w

Membership Option 2

Couple/Duo Membership


All classes included

Unlimited Access To The Gym & Sauna 24/7

Membership Option 2

Couple/Duo Membership


1 on 1 coaching

$70 for members / $80 non members


(You will complete your banking details on your first visit to the gym)

Our Mission

Here at The Performance Centre we strive to create a community of confident, strong and empowered men, women, boys and girls. Wether you want to make the journey towards your first step into the ring or on to the mats, learn self defence and build your confidence or build your physical fitness and mental fortitude our team of professional and friendly coaches will support you in reaching your goal.