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Coach Lachlan

Our Striking Coach & Owner

Lachlan has dedicated his life to combat sports and spent countless hours training alongside the best of Thailand's athletes and coaches in pursuit of self development and coaching knowledge that he can pass down to his students in the forms of kickboxing, boxing and Muay-Thai.  

Outside of his endeavours to the art of combat sports he is a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and most definitely a passionate coach.

He will be a familiar face if you are planning on attending striking classes.

Coach Rick

When Rick was living in the suburb of Blacktown in NSW at five years of age his parents decided his natural strength and aggression would be better channelled through martial arts rather than the standard football/soccer or cricket scenario. His first taste of what the future would hold was training in the art of Muay Thai which led to boxing training and entering the ring for the first time at 10 years of age for an exhibition boxing bout. Even at this early age a fighter's talent was clearly visible. After a more relaxed lifestyle near the ocean, Rick and his family sold up and headed for the Central Coast where Rick immediately signed up at Magnus Martial Arts. Kung Fu and Kickboxing were his preferred styles to train. After two years he added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), which he has now been training in for over 16 years and holds the rank of Black Belt 11 of those years at Gracie Central Coast BJJ. Rick has completed in brazalian jujitsu his best acheivments include adcc natonal champion as black belt in 2020 and runner up in in 2019 he also was the number 1 ranked brownbelt for the year 2015 Rick may have had his fair share of boxing and kickboxing fights but he has also channelled his natural strength into competitive powerlifting competitions and has plenty of trophies on the mantelpiece to prove his worth, performing at the Australian titles with excellent results. Nowadays Rick has added Warrior World Gym at Whitebridge in Newcastle to his preferred training arenas and competing in MMA he has entered the cage 31 times. When you add up all the different styles Rick has and still is competing in you come to realise you would need a nick name like 'Ice Cold' for the beating his body had taken over the years. With his MMA career starting with him weighing in pre-fight at 77kgs and now sitting at 84kgs pre- fight and a height of 6ft, there's no mercy from competitors in the range as they're fast and bang hard with purpose. A recent MMA fight in New Zealand saw Rick's leg collide with the opponent's knee breaking both Ricks tibia and fibia, but true to form eight months later Rick fought Australia's number 1 ranked middleweight and came home with the Australian title. Having fought in Singapore under the ONE FC banner, Rick will soon be off to again represent Australia on the world stage. Training consists of six days per week strength and conditioning but as fights approach more emphasis is on BJJ and kickboxing. Some long runs

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Coach Tyson

Tyson is one of our head strength and conditioning coaches and will be a familiar face if you are attending any of the crossfit or functional fitness classes in the gym. Tyson has been coaching actively in strength gyms, crossfit gyms and globo gyms for the past 6 years. 

A friendly face and dedicated coach who will ensure you achieve your competitive, fitness or body recomp goals. 

Coach Lizzie

Lizzie is one of our head strength and conditioning coaches here at the performance centre. Lizzie has a plethora of knowledge regarding all things olympic lifting, gymnastics and functional fitness gained from her years competing in olympic lifting at a national level. She is also such a welcoming and delightful personality. She is the perfect combination of bubbly and boss! To ensure you have a ton of fun and learn a lot along the way. 

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Our mission

Here at Combat Performance Centre we strive to create a community of confident, strong and empowered men, women, boys and girls. Wether you want to make the journey towards your first step into the ring or on to the mats, learn self defence and build your confidence or build your physical fitness and mental fortitude our team of professional and friendly coaches will support you in reaching your goal.